Life is good

if you let it be…

Life is good

if you let it be…

Changing your thoughts will change your world!


Hope is something within us, something that drives us. I think dreams and hopes are very close friends! We dream to have hope and our dreams give us the strength to hope even more.
There are no dreams, no wishes in this world that can’t become reality. We all have the power within us to make our dreams come true. It might be hard work to achieve our dreams but it is worth every minute!!
I was inspired and I am still inspired by so many people I interviewed for my documentary HOPE that I want to share this message with all of you now! This video is for  the once who always hope and believe in their dreams!

About me

“I am a dreamer full of hope about a better future for this planet. Hope is really important but hope alone won’t save us. It is not enough to hope, we need to act, we need to stand up for peace, we need to scream out loud for fairness and we need to be warriors for those who can not talk for themselves.”

Magdalena Gschnitzer – activist, environmentalist, nature lover, animal friend, videographer, editor, drone pilot, film maker, journalist, speaker, enterpreneur, divemaster, book author, happy healthy food eater, world traveller, and so much more.



Good Mood Film

The “Good Mood Film Production” works on documenting the efforts of amazing people and fantastic organizations all over the world on film. My documentary HOPE is one of them.

Good mood speech

I speak about ocean conservation, plastic, sustainable consumption, animal rights, environmental activism, plant based diet and the power of being yourself for children, teens and adults.

Good Mood Food

Since I learned about plant based cooking I started to share my love for it. I offer workshops where I share everything I learned about plant based cooking. I am also working on my first vegan cook book.

Good Mood Shop

The “Good Mood Shop” includes a few products that make the world more sustainable and plastic-free, one product at the time. At the moment you can find the beanies I made from organic cotton.

Good mood projects

The “Good Mood Projects” include the projects I got involved with, the projects which made me into the person I am now and the projects which excite me to be part of or to support in any way I can.

Since January 2018 I started to work on a worldwide documentary about HOPE. After all my projects and campaigns, this felt to be a very much needed thing to do – to share all the amazing stories of people and organisations that are giving us all hope with what they do for the planet, the animals and humanity. 

One quote especially gave me the biggest input for the start of this beautiful project: 

„If there is a book you want to read, but it has not been written yet, YOU are the one to write it!“ 

After this I got pulled by a vision.

If you want to get more informations on my documentary HOPE please klick here.

Coral Reefs do have a very high value for the planet, the ocean, the animals and as well for humanity. These important and unique ecosystems provide many resources to humankind like medicine, food and tourism. Without coral reefs, the coasts won’t be protected anymore during storms, hurricanes or tsunamis. These facts alone are important enough to make it clear, how much we rely on healthy reefs. 

In 2016 I made my Ocean Quest & Sea Shepherd Dive Trainer in Malaysia and Thailand. I learned how to propagate corals and passed this knowledge on to other people, who love the ocean.


2015 I was cycling for 3 months along the whole west coast of the USA, from Vancouver to the boarder of Mexico. Over 4.400km and 40.000m of altitude was my way to cycle for a good cause. During this time we organized beach clean ups, I gave speeches about ocean conservation, helped in different Sea Shepherd events and learned supported other organizations like the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California and Washed Ashore. 


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