Good Mood Film Production

The “Good Mood Film Production” supports people,
organizations, companies and products that are environmental friendly,
organic, fair and sustainable.

Good Mood Film Production

The “Good Mood Film Production” supports people,
organizations, companies and products that are environmental friendly,
organic, fair and sustainable.
Transparence is one of the main qualities of a good product.
We should know more about the things we buy,
the food we consume and the people we support.
With my filming I help good, sustainable,
vegan and fair products to be as transparent as possible.

Latest Video


In 2013 H&M did promise to pay a living wage to 850.000 workers until 2018! This didn’t happen!

I feel very honored to have been chosen to create the official video for the Clean Clothes Campaign “Turn Around H&M” 

Your voice counts! By signing the petition here you can tell H&M that this doesn’t suit you! 

Promotion Videos


CASOLIVO is one of those brands I would always make a video for. This brand concentrates on high premium italian olive oil and other specialities from Italy. Sustainable and vegan products in combination to quality and friendly service. 

BBF – Bewegung Bewusster Friseure

BBF International is a group of hairdressers, that work without chemicals and just use natural products for their work. These people are doing a fantastic job to show others, that it is possible to live and work different, together with nature instead of against it. 

oew – Organisation für Eine solidarische Welt

The oew is a non profit organization with their seat in Brixen, is very active in partnering with the global south, is producing the street newspapers ZEBRA and has a library “Eine Welt”/One World to support people to look behind the scenes. 


I made this stop motion some years ago for the company HACO that created now their new own brand CASOLIVO.


A stop motion video for the beautiful Hotel Rainer in South Tyrol/Italy. 


Get to know the family behind the Hotel Rainer in this video.


To live with nature is very important for the family Rainer and they want their customers to feel that.


This hotel is organizing many ski tours and beautiful walks with their guests. Check out the amazing landscape in the area of Tiers am Rosengarten. 


A bike flee market in Munic to spread the idea of second hand products.

Videos For The Good Cause

Update videos on Operation Treasured Islands to save sharks in Costa Rica


This Video shows, who the beautiful people are, which donate all their time for the good cause to save the ocean with the ocean conservation organisation Sea Shepherd
Education is key to inspire minds that change the world, making it a better place for all living beings!
Education in schools with Sea Shepherd.
As media officer at Sea Shepherd’s campaign Operation Treasured Islands I made this video about the shark crisis in Central America.


These videos are there to show some backgrounds of the beautiful crew people that volunteer for the conservation society Sea Shepherd. 

Connie Sanchez
Davey Jones
Jessie Treverton
Matthew Parkin
Werner Smith
Jasmin O’Brien
Eric Pollard

As an Ocean Quest and Sea Shepherd Dive Coral Propagation Trainer I teached people in Thailand and Malaysia how to plant corals. Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems on this planet and sadly many people don’t know, how incredible important they are for our environment.

We have to wake up and to help the reefs to grow back. Without coral reefs we will be in trouble very soon!!